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Product application

發表日期:2014-08-07 10:40 作者:admin

1, the new cold drill what characteristics?

A: the new cold drill conforms to the INTEL ATX12V1.3 specification. The main is to increase the output capacity of +12V, to adapt to the development of CPU and graphics card. In addition, the minimumconversion efficiency is increased from 68% to 70%, the power supply to the heating is greatly reduced.

2, why the output of the power supply wire of different thickness?

Answer: according to the general American gauge difference line Cunthickness, the power used mainly consists of No. 16, No. 18, No. 20, No. 22,the smaller the number, diameter and thicker. According to the technicalrequirements, the output line of the village to 18 lines, but the 11PIN +3.3V requires only 22 lines. The floppy drive and only 20 no.. The main power supply interface +5V, +3.3V, +12V, COM recommends the use of No. 16.

3, how to make the power supply is not inserted motherboard and output?

This is a simple way to test whether the normal power supply. How much is 4, output voltage is normal fluctuation range?

Answer: the positive voltage of ± 5%, ± 10% negative voltage.

+5V4.75-5.25, +12V/11.4-12.6, +3.3V/3.14-3.47, +5VSB/4.75-5.25,-12V/10.8-13.2. 5, cool King version of the super mute is how to achieve?

Answer: calm Wangma Chinese card extreme light load noise of 22.43 decibels, full of the noise of 24.43 decibels, calm Wang before than 28 dBwas much lower, in the quiet power, reached a new high.

Then, such a low noise is how to achieve? Calm the king version uses the 14CM fan power, 12CM fan speed from 1750 rpm to 1200 rpm is reduced,the temperature control circuit, a light load only at 900 rpm, more effective noise reduction. So, calm Wang Extreme Edition so low noise, is through thelarge fan is combined with a temperature control design to achieve. 6, how to identify the authenticity of power?

6, how to identify the authenticity of power?

Answer: mainly through the security code to identify the authenticity.Security code is a graphic yellow label, above the gray coat, in addition,because the security code supplier, telephone numbers are also different,therefore, must be careful about security check phone label.

Security code identification procedures:

The first step, find the stickers power above;

The second step, stickers will be marked on the query mode, may includetelephone, SMS, information query;

The third step, scratch coating, will see the security code 16-20, in accordance with the above inquiry inquiry.

7, what are the characteristics of wide king?

Answer: wide Wang rated power 300W, using active PFC technology, heatgenerated by PFC is greatly reduced. The input voltage range from 90-265V. To meet the different national grid. For example, Canada's 110V andChinese mainland 220V. In addition, it can meet the need of voltage instability in the environment.

8, how to calculate the power of the computer?

Answer: compared with the authority of the formula is: computer power ≈except CPU all the components of power *0.8+CPU power. Computercomponents basically consists of five parts: CPU, memory, graphics card,motherboard, peripherals and other. Among them, the motherboard and other relatively fixed, including the motherboard, sound card, network card,USB devices, keyboard, mouse, the system fan, about 60-70W. CPU,graphics card power behind the table. Memory per 128M about 8W.Peripheral equipment is calculated according to the nameplate marking,about 15-25W. Refer to appendix 4.

9, 355 rock 355P rock and what is the difference?

Answer: the two models in fact no difference, in order to internal distinction.P stands for PFC, in 2003, countries without mandatory before CCC, hasmade the rock 355, later adding PFC element CCC must, in order to and the previous difference, the P increased in the back. Currently on the market without PFC rock 355 has no sales.

10, Huntkey power warranty is what kind of?

Answer: Huntkey power to implement the "shifting a year, three years repair", namely the first year Baohuan, free repair second, three years. The warranty is based on QC PASS date, production date is delayed for a month. In any case can not open the case, otherwise not warranty.

11, the power dissipation ways are there?

Answer: the power dissipation is mainly through the fan to achieve. From the fan diameter, mainly 8CM, 12CM two, recently a 14CM fan products coming to market. Heat radiation, heat dissipation, the tail of a top, top andrear double fan double fan cooling mode.

12, 12CM fan has the characteristics of what?

Answer: because the 12CM fan power top, located in upper CPU, hair dryer,to supply inside so, can directly to the CPU cooling, in addition, size, lowspeed can get the big volume, so the heat dissipation and low noise.

13, the fan from the bearing points, what kind?

Answer: divided into oil bearings, Dan Gunzhu, double ball. In addition,some manufacturers have their own unique patented products, such asSUNON maglev fan.

14, PC power supply can be used in industrial computer?

A: Generally speaking, industrial computer applications than the PCcomputer is much more stringent, especially in some special industries,such as medical treatment, even more so, ripple, noise, leakage current is not qualified, will affect the results of monitoring and output. Some videodomain is particularly high requirements on a particular output, such as +3.3V. In addition, the usability requirements higher, need to meet the24*7*365 uninterrupted work. But because of the industrial computer to PC gradually close, therefore, for the application of PC in industrial computer field, can be realized, but must be optimized design and strict testing.

15, why the 2 edition power specification for minimum requirements for the rated power of 250W?

Answer: launched version 2 source, before